AI and Innovation as an Effective Advantage for Your Company

AI and Innovation as an Effective Advantage for Your Company

AI and Innovation as an Effective Advantage for Your Company
  • Starting date 03 November 2021
  • Duration 16 hours
  • Location Maison du Savoir
    2, avenue de l’Université
    L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Language Anglais
  • Price (excluding VAT) 950.00 
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Training Context

This course is designed for anyone in a company who wants to bring Research and Development projects to life and turn them into real and efficient business processes. There are no special requirements needed except the basic skills related to innovation processes and business administration.

Both basic and/or advanced concepts will be detailed alongside the presentation.

Whatever your target market is, this course offers you elements and concepts that are useful everywhere, be it for online or offline environments,  B2B or B2C.


After the completion of this course, attendee will be able to:

  • Understand how you can turn R&D into an effective workforce
  • Manage innovation projects and put them on the market
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of innovation projects in order to place them efficiently on the market

Training Content

  1. Introduction : What is innovation in business and why are you innovating?
    1. Innovation as a solution to a client’s problem
    2. Incremental versus radical innovation
    3. How can your innovation empower your user (new consumption model, new product, new needs)?
    4. Behind the buzz word: AI and innovation. Is it required? What does it change?
  2. A concrete rating scale of your innovation in the business environment
    1. Define the business goal of your innovation
    2. Define the requirements of your innovation (human resources, money, physical goods)
    3. Balance business expectations and requirements
  3. Time as a crucial factor in the integration of a R&D service in a business environment
    1. Time in R&D versus Business Time
    2. What is a R&D deliverable?
    3. How to divide complex R&D projects into small, time quantifiable deliverables. The “KISS” (keep it smart and simple) system
    4. Interactive activity: based on an effective project (either from the assistance or predefined) – create a list of deliverables from a R&D project
  4. Deliver R&D projects
    1. The “work packages” solution
    2. How to deal with research uncertainty and improve a product: iterations and continued development.
  5. Bring R&D projects to business life
    1. From R&D deliverables to market deliverables: how to deliver the last mile to your clients. What are the differences between market deliverables and R&D deliverables?
    2. R&D pipelines and production pipelines, how and what to parallelise? How to deal with dependencies?
    3. The final development plan: how you can already plan the production stage, even though you are still in the R&D phase
    4. Based on an effective project (either from the assistance or predefined), realise an actual final development plan.
  6. Market your R&D: how to communicate on what your innovation brings to your clients
    1. Open communication versus “the secret sauce” dilemma
    2. Focus on advantages, not technical aspects
    3. You developed your R&D on the “KISS” principle? Keep it on your outbound communication.
    4. How to put a prize on a non existing element in the market?
    5. A checklist for the go-to-market plan.
    6. Interactive activity based on an effective project (either from the assistance or predefined), define an actual communication and go-to-market plan.
  7. Conclusion: a holistic view on your R&D management in a business world
    1. The R&D deliverables
    2. The business deliverables
    3. The work packages and plans that bring consistency to your R&D deliverables



If you have any question regarding the training, feel free to contact:
Pierre De La Celle +352 26 15 92 43

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