Elements of AI – Podcast Radio ARA

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Elements of AI – Podcast Radio ARA

Elements of AI – Podcast Radio ARA

30 January 2023  - News

The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre were thrilled to participate in a Podcast on Radio ARA and have the opportunity to share more information on the subject of the MOOC “Elements of AI“, created by the University of Helsinki in partnership with MinnaLearn.

The main goal of the Luxembourg edition of the MOOC is to demystify Artificial Intelligence (AI) for as broad an audience as possible and to provide a multitude of additional study accompaniments for citizens and teaching professionals alike.

We discussed our experiences with the MOOC and it’s aims to equip as many people as possible, including those not in tech, with the knowledge of how AI can be applied to real-life applications, and what the implications of this technology are for individuals, companies and society in general.

We emphasized the importance that having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of AI help to make informed decisions and implement effective solutions.

So, regardless of your activity, age or background, if you are wondering how AI might affect your job or your life in the coming years, and you want to get free access to weekly chapters of empowering knowledge, including tailor-made webinars with national experts and a helping hand in study workshops related to the course starting in February 2023.

Let’s demystify AI now in this podcast (available in Luxembourgish):


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