Success Story – Bachelor in 3D Animation

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Success Story – Bachelor in 3D Animation

Success Story – Bachelor in 3D Animation

5 May 2023  - Bachelors

Conversation with Jiyun Jeong, a graduate from the Bachelor in 3D Animation

As long as she can remember, Jiyun has always loved drawing. It was a way to express her thoughts even before she could speak (according to her mum 😉), and it is still the case for her today.

After graduating from high school, Jiyun joined a Bachelor in Filmmaking in New Zealand. However, after one year, she was looking to change her path as she was considering keeping arts as a personal hobby rather than a career. It was a moment of uncertainty about her future.

Later on, Jiyun had the opportunity to move to Luxembourg where she applied to two Bachelor’s programmes at the University of Luxembourg: Computer Science and Animation. Although she always loved Animation as a medium, she never considered studying it until she discovered the opportunity to do so here in Luxembourg. After hesitating a bit, Jiyun decided to pursue her career in Animation and not give up her passion for art and storytelling!

She has always felt like the ‘art kid’ at school and did not know many people around who were passionate about drawing, animation, and games like she was. So the Bachelor in Animation was eventually the right place to be surrounded by and connect with students and instructors with similar interests in art..

After these 2 years and with an Animation degree in her pocket, Jiyun still applies the principles of Animation that she learned at university. And because the instructors are professional animators themselves, she now realises the chance she had to learn directly from them and how the assignments structure and the feedback system had a similar approach to that of a workplace environment.

Jiyun is very proud of her Bachelor’s graduation film (demoreel) It was a personal achievement for her to have made a film to the best of her abilities using everything she had learned from the courses, and with the help of fellow students and instructors.

A huge success for her as her short film has been selected in 2 major events: Luxembourg City Film Festival and Boîtes À Images film festival.

More information on her website :

Jiyun had the privilege of receiving a job offer through one of the instructor’s recommendations in her last semester of study and currently works on a kid’s feature film as a 3D animator. Knowing that having little to no experience on her CV makes it difficult to break through in the industry, but thanks to her passion and perseverance, she made it wonderfully.

Her future goal is to ultimately direct and/or produce stories that empower people who are underrepresented in Western media. Currently, her personal satisfaction is to make static characters come to life! She gets excited to see the shots that she developed and animated getting finalised in collaboration with so many other artists. But the best part for her is watching all the shots everyone worked on combined and playing chronologically as they all connect perfectly together.

Her advice to future students is: “to separate your identity and self-worth from your art, at least in an education and professional setting. There may be times when you receive negative feedback, and your demoreel is rejected. If you plan to pursue art as a career, it is healthier and more sustainable for you to have a professional relationship with your art. Enjoy creating your personal art in your own time and space!”

Whatever your field or background is, Jiyun’s story proves that if you are willing to invest time and effort in your passions, you can succeed!



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