The Centre de gestion pour la formation continue et professionnelle universitaire, named University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (hereinafter “Competence Centre”), acting under the close supervision of the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with the Minister of Higher Education and Research, was established on March 9, 2018.

Its mission is to support the main development axes of the Luxembourg economy by developing and managing university and professional training programmes. By mobilising economic and professional circles, the Competence Centre is responsible for:

  • managing, in whole or in part, the continuous and professional trainings of the University;
  • managing, in whole or in part, certain University study programmes leading to a bachelor degree;
  • managing, in whole or in part, the validation of acquired experience, skills and knowledge in order to access studies leading to a bachelor degree;
  • studying and analysing, at the request of the Ministry or the University, any question related to continuing adult training;
  • collaborating for missions referred to above in points 1 to 4 with other training organisations.

The methods and means of implementing the group’s missions are regulated by conventions between the University and the Competence Centre, to be approved by the Government Council.

The General Assembly

It is the sovereign body of the Competence Centre. It has the powers expressly recognised by law, among other things, to define the strategic guidelines relating to the mission of the Competence Centre.

The members of the General Assembly are:

  • A representative of the Ministry of Research and Higher Education appointed by the Minister Stéphanie OBERTIN
  • Mrs Catherine LEGLU, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Luxembourg

The Board of Management

The Board of Management has the most extensive powers for the administration and management of the Competence Centre as well as for the fulfilment of its missions. All tasks and decisions which are not specially reserved for the General Assembly fall within the remit of the Board of Management.

The members of the Board of Management are:

  • Mrs Catherine LEGLU, President (Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Luxembourg)
  • Mrs Christiane HUBERTY, Vice-President (Government Counsellor 1st class, Ministry of Research and Higher Education)
  • Mr. Romain MARTIN, Manager (First Government Counsellor, Ministry of Research and Higher Education)
  • Mr. Serge HAAN, Manager (Professor, University of Luxembourg)
  • Mr. Claude HOUSSEMAND, Manager (Professor, University of Luxembourg)
  • Mrs Elise POILLOT, Manager (Professor, University of Luxembourg)