Our QUALITY approach

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As part of its lifelong training mission, the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (“Competence Centre”) uses and presents methods and means to guarantee the quality of the training programmes delivered. These programmes include training courses open to a large audience as well as tailor-made solutions but also any other activity promoting learning (conferences, events, MOOCs, etc.).

Committed to a dynamic of continuous improvement based on its values ​​and objectives, the Competence Centre deploys its quality approach around five pillars.

Quality Partnerships for a Quality Offer

The Competence Centre relies on the quality of its deployed partnerships with major players in several sectors of activity in order to provide high-quality trainings. By establishing strong synergies and complementary working relationships with its partners, the Competence Centre is both proactive in its needs analysis and reactive in the organisation of its trainings, while proposing a market-relevant offer.

A Permanent Strategic Monitoring

Favouring anticipation, the Competence Centre works with constant monitoring of the various activity sectors in which it proposes training programmes. Its activity is structured into several clusters, each specialising in a specific field, thus being able to work on programmes that are always topical and innovative, both in terms of the subjects, methods and educational tools used.

In an environment in full mutation, in which organisational, technological and regulatory evolutions are growing and require a permanent development of skills, the team of the Competence Centre is continuously trained and informed by regularly participating in national and international conferences.

Rigorous Internal Management

As training is an integral part of the employment contract, the rules of attendance, punctuality and discretion are rigorously applied.

In addition, the expertise and strong experience of the Competence Centre teams in andragogy (= adult education) and project management, the presence of management tools, as well as internal procedures ensure a high quality in terms of results, timeliness and budget control. These internal processes are the foundation for constant improvement of our services and trainings.

Innovative Educational Engineering

In the era of the digital revolution, the quantity of knowledge and its rapid obsolescence make continuous training a major issue. The Competence Centre relies on the latest discoveries in the neurocognitive and educational sciences to “upset” traditional training patterns.

Digital learning, modular training, peer training and assessment, active learning, neuroeducation, etc., are means used for educational engineering geared towards future generations of learners, eager to share experiences and open for mobility.

Satisfaction at the Heart of Training

The Competence Centre is particularly attentive to the participants and the various stakeholders – before, during and after the training. The satisfaction rate is assessed, among other things, in terms of the content offered, the quality of the speakers and the variety of training techniques used, the progress made and the learning transfer to professional life. In addition, steering committees organised on a regular basis help validating whether the training objectives have been achieved, but also to readjusting training courses in accordance with economic or legislative developments.

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