Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation

  • Starting date A venir en 2023
  • Duration 10 hours
  • Location Maison du Savoir
    2, avenue de l’Université
    L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Language Anglais
  • Price (excluding VAT) 950.00 
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Training Context

Business Model Innovation is something no company can do without today. Traditional structures may or may not be built to help teams play to their best in a competitive landscape.
This training helps 
company leadership to evaluate their current model via simple frameworks, builds the foundation of innovative business models used today and then focuses on how to implement them in their organisation.


During this course, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate your existing business model in a data-driven manner for gaps and promises
  • How to use current frameworks to create innovative business models
  • How to recognise organisational drivers and limiters for innovation and how to create profitability in the long term
  • How to create various innovative business models with case studies and hands-on work
  • How to avoid the pitfalls when creating change in an organisation for innovation: learn from other’s mistakes
  • How to lead innovation, change and profitability: keep the balance

Training Content


Evaluating the current strategy: Where are we right now?

  • The Business Model Audit
    • A current evaluation of the business, the organisational culture today, accountability and decision making process in place
  • Revenues model vs. cost model impact on business model
  • Risk re-evaluation: the market
    • Know matrix + SWOT analysis
  • Frameworks to better analyse the current workings of your company
  • Data details
    • How well do you know your data?
    • Are you making data work for you?

Business Innovation: The Frameworks

  • Harvard Business case study
    • A hands on class work: review of a specific HBS business case study to set the foundation of business model innovation
  • Strategy models
    • A quick review of top strategy models in use today in the industry with relevant examples are stories
  • OAO model – is innovation accidental?
    • A bespoke strategy model for continued innovation, planning accidental innovations
  • Understanding the innovation landscape today during COVID
    • How business model innovation has changed in the past years: product -> market loop
  • Startups vs. corporates: examples of how startups scaled to beat incumbent corporates at their game

Creating a new business model: Structuring innovation

  • Innovation portfolio creation
    • Defining business horizons: Horizon 1, 2 and 3
  • How to create the future
    • Predictability vs. unpredictability: using metrics
  • Lean business model : increasing efficiency

Implementing new business models: Leadership in action

  • How to invest in innovation: Idea to business model life cycle creation
  • Creativity in a crisis
    • Things to learn from and implement
  • From Chief Decision maker to Chief Experimenter ?
    • Ideas vs. innovations that can be commercialised
  • Cultural change management: Case studies – Netflix, Intuit
  • Decision making matrix change: Case study
  • Key take aways


  • Rashmi Vittal Rashmi  
    • She is the Chief Commercial Officer at
    • She is also an advisor to fast growing startups across the globe.
    • She has founded two successful startups herself, the latest, which has now become a Harvard Business Case study under their ‘Innovation’ category.
    • She was also the Head of Product Strategy at a company that went public and was instrumental in creating innovative business models for scaling the business which resulted in over a billion dollars in revenue.
    • Rashmi has an MBA from INSEAD, a Masters in Computer Engineering and has lived in 7 countries.

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