Knowledge management for legal practice

Knowledge management for legal practice

Knowledge Management
  • Date de début 12 novembre 2020 - 10:00
  • Durée 8 hours
  • Lieu Digital training organised in 4 eCourses
  • Langue Anglais
  • Prix HT 550.00 

Contexte de la formation

How would you like to become the next Knowledge Manager in your law firm?

Knowledge Management is more than a mere online document software. It allows you to gather and most importantly share any data in and across departments. It improves the way legal information is processed, while boosting the overall performance within the law office. You will gain in efficiency, reactivity and trustworthiness by implementing a knowledge management culture in your law firm thus valorizing your intellectual capital.

In short, legal information is no collector’s item: do not showcase it! Use it and you will take a huge step towards the digital future…


After these 4 eCourses of digital training, you will be able to implement knowledge management tools and techniques in your law firm by exploring best practice examples.

Programme de la formation

This is a digital training organised in 4 eCourses:

  • Your 1st eCourse: Knowledge Management Today
    12th November from 10am to 12pm

    • Some elements of definition
    • The ISO 30401 standard
    • The components of a  knowledge management approach (processes, tools, actors, governance)
    • The problems of the knowledge management for the legal field, link with traditional professions (doctrine, documentalists, …)
    • Presentation of the case study
  • Your 2nd eCourse: Knowledge Management Tools
    19th November from 10am to 12pm

    • The knowledge management portal in a knowledge management approach
    • The mapping of critical knowledge
    • Basic tools (GED, CMS, collaborative research portal, external sources)
    • Good information management practices at the service of knowledge management
    • Good practices in intellectual service companies
  • Your 3rd eCourse: Knowledge Management Governance
    26th November from 10am to 12pm

    • The knowledge management process
    • The new roles
    • Human dynamics and brakes of business knowledge sharing
    • Job description of a knowledge manager in the legal field
    • The knowledge manager’s relations with traditional actors (doctrine, documentalist)
    • Operational governance (steering structure, indicators, the role of HR)
  • Your 4th eCourse: Case Study Presentation
    10th December from 10am to 12pm

    • Questions/answers with participants

550€ (for the attendance of your 4 eCourses)

Knowledge Management helps you to unlock added value to legal information



  • 30 years of consulting experience
  • Associate director in a consulting firm who assisted both small and big firms in the development of their Knowledge Management approach
  • Associate professor at the CNAM in Paris
  • Regular speaker at Capgemini Institut
  • Author of the book called “Le knowledge management, levier de transformation à intégrer” (Deboeck – juin 2018)


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