Paralegal position: upgrade your skills

Paralegal position: upgrade your skills

Paralegal: upgrade your skills @CompetenceCentre
  • Date de début 30 septembre 2021
  • Durée 4 days
  • Lieu Maison du Savoir
    2, avenue de l'Université
    L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Langue Anglais
  • Prix HT 1450.00 

Contexte de la formation

Reinvent yourself and your profession

Paralegals experience a huge evolution in their work and therefore need to reinvent themselves by re-discovering fundamental skills with a contemporary perspective and/or by acquiring specific legal skills proper to their daily challenges.


At the end of the training, participants will have enhanced job and communication skills specific to their profession, while having been introduced to some of the subtleties of the Luxembourg legal framework.

Programme de la formation

Agenda and Learning Objectives

  • Introductory Module  – 30/09/2021
    • Identify the specificities of the Luxembourg legal centre (its history, the factors of its emergence, the impact on the law)
    • Understand the different institutions and sources of Luxembourg law
    • Understand the Luxembourg judicial organisation
  • Corporate Law Module – 05/10/2021 (a.m)
    • Identify the different forms of legal companies in Luxembourg
    • Explain the different stages a company goes through in Luxembourg
    • Identify the role of corporate decision-making bodies
  • Contract Law Module – 06/10/2021 (a.m.)
    • Analyse the contract’s life cycle
    • Identify different contract types and their specificities
    • Identify key element on which negotiation is based
  • Administrative Work Module  08/10/2021 de 9h00 à 12h30 + 15/10/2021 de 9h00 à 12h30 en format digital  
    • Manage the study agenda efficiently
    • Write simple acts: convocations, agendas, minutes, deliberations of general meetings
    • Develop editorial reflexes
    • Prepare files and ensure their follow-up (follow-up of deadlines and reminders, filing)
    • Manage correspondence with the parties
    • Adapt the firm’s practices to the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Communication Module tbc
    • Optimize communication: verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, reformulation, questioning techniques
    • Apply suitable legal language
    • Develop assertiveness


  • Thierry HOSCHEITFirst Vice-President @ District Court Luxembourg
    • Director of studies of the complementary courses in Luxembourg law  @ CCDL (Cours Complémentaires en Droit Luxembourgeois
  • Lydia HAMOUDI, Lawyer – Associate @ Novia 
    • Co-founder of Novia Avocats
    • Teaches restructuring law @ University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Isabelle CORBISIER, Full Professor in Civil Law
  • Peggy GOOSSENSAvocat à la Cour & Partner @ Pierre Thielen Avocats
    • Founder of “Pierre Thielen Avocats SARL”
    • Head of the litigation departement
    • Responsible for law cases related to civil and commercial contracts as well as contractual and non-contractual liabilities

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