Value Investing Course

Value Investing Course

Value Investing Course @CompetenceCentre
  • Date de début 12 mars 2019 - 18:30
  • Durée 18 heures
  • Lieu University of Luxembourg
    Limpertsberg Campus
    162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie
    L-1511 Luxembourg
  • Langue Anglais
  • Prix HT 690.00 

Contexte de la formation

The Value Investing Certificate of the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre is an evening course on Value Investing, an investment philosophy based on fundamental analysis of investment opportunities.
The emphasis of the course will be on learning how to estimate the true values of equity investments, compare these with market prices, and make intelligent and rational investment decisions.
We will provide you with the tools and methods to assess the intrinsic enterprise value, based on a firm’s tangible and intangible assets and its sustainable cashflows. You will collect and analyse data and build your confidence to independently make prudent investment decisions.


Master the Value Investing approach, and understand why this strategy has earned above average returns over the last century.

• be able to find the Enterprise Value, the market price
at which a business is trading, as the sum of all net
financial claims on a business

• be able to assess Intrinsic value from careful analysis
of a firm’s assets, earnings power, and competitive

• understand the difference between Going Concern
Value and growth opportunities, and understand why
value investors shun growth stocks

• increase your understanding of risk, liquidity, growth, and the (in)efficiency of financial markets

• be less dependent on financial advisors and market
commentators, and be able to confidently and
independently assess investment opportunities

• be able to methodologically gather and process
publicly available information to screen, analyse and
select investment opportunities


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