MOOC Machine Learning in an Industrial Environment


Behind an accurate prediction:
MOOC Machine Learning in an Industrial Environment

Prediction is key in the industry 4.0 era!

There is a rising demand for AI and machine learning technologies in the industrial sector. The reason behind this is very often a quest for predictive models for future events. AI-based algorithms and machine learning require massive quantities of data in order to learn patterns that make future behaviour predictable.
An API in industry can be a great source of learning and training for AI-based tools and algorithms, given that it is able to produce huge volumes over time.

The objective of this course is to link AI and machine learning algorithms to APIs to analyse a data set and produce a predictive model for future events.

  • Practical approach with an industrial partner and real-life use cases
  • Free online course open to anyone interested, no prior knowledge required
  • 10 modules from May 3rd to September 2021 (50h)