Digital Skills Maturity Assessment

As part of our mission in the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre is proud to introduce a new training journey service: Digital Skills Maturity Assessment (DSMA) for SMEs in Manufacturing and Industry. This free of charge tailored survey helps companies pinpoint the digital skills their people and teams need.

It aims at assessing the maturity of a company’s workforce in both the current and the future digital skills needed to ensure business success. The results of this assessment can help identify collective skills needs and define tailor-made training programmes to acquire or strengthen them.

The DSMA has multiple benefits:

  • Increase employee retention: by creating transparent pathways to employee career progression and personal growth based on training achievement and performance.
  • Evaluate training effectiveness: by providing benchmarks to measure the success of past training efforts (or lack thereof).
  • Deploy efficient hiring processes: by unveiling valuable insights and skill gaps for future recruitment.
  • Maximise human capital: by identifying what your employees digital skills are, the tasks they can already perform and these for which they would require training.
  • Optimise public funding applications: by developing well-grounded R&D financing requests for your company showing how you plan to include your employees’ skills development throughout the journey.
  • Design Strategic Planning: by providing unique information to put together sound personal career development plans aligned with organisational strategic goals. It also allows aligning resources and efforts with identified skill gaps and future needs.

To elevate their digital skills to the next level, companies can get the full DSMA service at no charge thanks to the financial support from the European Commission and the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg.

This initiative is part of the L-DIH catalogue, which includes digital skills training programmes from major institutions across Luxembourg, ensuring you receive the best fit for your training needs.

Elevate your company’s digital skills with the DSMA service:

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