Our quality approach

Our quality approach


Since its creation in October 2018, the Competence Centre – has continuously strived to ensure the quality of its training programmes through the implementation of an integrated and demanding quality approach.
The Competence Centre aims to be a major player in the continuing education landscape in Luxembourg and the Greater Region and to position itself as a privileged partner of the University of Luxembourg (UL) in this field.

3 “sine qua non” conditions

The three conditions needed to consolidate this position are: a common culture of continuing education between the Competence Centre and the University, the clear establishment of the Competence Centre’s missions and the creation of a regulatory framework and a specific quality approach to support the development and organisation of university continuing training programmes.

5 strategic directions

These conditions are essential for the proper implementation of the Competence Centre’s activities and the achievement of its ambitious objectives. They are in line with the five strategic priorities:

  • a future-oriented and evolving training offer;
  • pedagogical and technological innovations to ensure modern and efficient learning and teaching environments;
  • an efficient interface between the academic and professional world;
  • recognised and unique multi-disciplinary expertise;
  • a structure and way of working geared towards sustainable performance and the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Our quality approach unites partners from higher education and business with the aim of jointly creating a framework that promotes a common language and shared synergies and practices. Optimising the return on investment for our participants and their employers and thus maximising their  level of satisfaction are of utmost importance for us.
The pursuit of excellent training programmes in term of content and form is our aspiration, shared by all staff, trainers, customers, partners and learners. Their involvement at every stage of our projects and training courses guarantees the quality of teaching and learning.

Implementation of the quality approach at the Competence Centre

Customer satisfaction has been the basis of our quality approach for many years and has been passed on from our predecessor, the IUIL. By harnessing this heritage, we embed this quality approach in our day-to-day activities and combine our expertise in andragogy with our know-how in project management and digital pedagogy.

To make this quality approach efficient, we have drawn on the best practices used by leading universities active in continuing education. Finally, we have built an innovative approach around:

  • a global approach to continuous improvement;
  • a modern and dynamic vision of pedagogy;
  • the creation of a multidisciplinary quality unit;
  • constant contact with professionals through regular exchanges, strategic monitoring, comparative analyses and the evaluation of our courses by various stakeholders.



Experiencing university quality together

For our quality approach to be effective, it is essential that it is everyone’s concern, that it is experienced at every level of our organisation and that it involves all the internal and external stakeholders in a common objective.