Our tailor-made training solutions

Tailor-Made Trainings

As part of its mission to support the major areas of development of the Luxembourg economy by organising university-level continuing and professional education programmes, the Competence Centre offers tailor-made training programmes for companies and organisations in any field or business sector (health, law and finance, ICT, etc.).

The Competence Centre supports its clients and institutional partners in training projects of all sizes (from small, targeted training sessions to large-scale courses) by designing and creating customised learning paths of all types (face-to-face, hybrid and distance learning), deploying effective pedagogical paths and managing learner communities to maintain commitment and guarantee the success of participants.

The Competence Centre assists organisations at every stage of their upskilling and reskilling projects, from the initial gathering of requirements to the learning assessment at the end of all training programmes, including support in the design and structure of training activities.

Numerous synergies have been developed with the University of Luxembourg, enabling the Competence Centre to rely on the expertise of its faculties and interdisciplinary centres, as well as on a network of high-level professional experts to develop high-quality programmes.

The Competence Centre provides its learners with solid expertise in both face-to-face and distance learning methods, a high standard of university-level quality training programmes and high-performance, modern learning platforms. The learner and his or her needs are constantly placed at the heart of the learning process.

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  • Are you looking to work with a partner that is firmly established in the Luxembourg and European markets to ensure the success of your institutional educational projects?

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