Our Values

As part of its mission to provide continuing and professional education at university level, the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre offers a wide range of programmes and projects in different sectors of activity, all linked to skills development. Thanks to the diversity and expertise of its team and the quality of the partnerships in place, all these projects are based on a high level of quality. Committed to continuous improvement, the Competence Centre acts on the basis of its 5 core values:


  • Adopting a professional attitude in all circumstances to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, while remaining in line with our missions and our quality approach.
  • We are constantly striving to develop and listen to our clients, so that we can not only develop the skills of their learners, but also help them achieve their operational objectives.


  • Knowing, mastering and taking advantage of pedagogical and technological innovations in the field of continuing training to contribute effectively to skills development.
  • With a view to continuously improve our methods and practices, we encourage a genuine culture of innovation at all levels through training, regular monitoring and enriching exchanges, in a creative and forward-looking spirit.


  • Valuing people, an essential element in the success of our projects, is an important part of our strategy, particularly in a context of global digital transformation.
  • Sustainable well-being and organisational health are reflected both in our internal interactions and in our relationships with our partners and learners.


  • We are committed to meeting our customers’ challenges and doing everything in our power to offer them solutions that will have an impact on their organisation, so that we can be a trusted partner.
  • To this end, we support our customers in identifying their needs and their thinking, and mobilise the best expertise within a multidisciplinary framework.


  • Fostering collective intelligence at all levels, working in a climate of trust and solidarity to offer our customers high added-value training solutions and projects.
  • We put our creativity, individual qualities and skills at the service of the collective effort, multiplying the synergies between our different divisions and acting in symbiosis with our partners.