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The Competence Centre team

The Competence Centre is a team of more than twenty people who work together to develop adult training and university education programmes that meet the needs of the market. We build upon a solid expertise in pedagogical engineering and educational design, a high academic quality regarding teaching, as well as efficient and modern learning platforms.

We offer solid expertise in pedagogical engineering to our learners. Our main strengths lie in our ability to offer rich and diversified learning paths, an immersive and stimulating educational experience, while putting the learner at the heart of the training system.

Cluster Approach

The ULCC’s activity is structured around competency clusters. This approach capitalises on the expertise of various members of the team and allows us to remain at the cutting edge of current market trends and events. It constitutes a genuine efficiency facilitator as all our clusters work in perfect synergy:

 icon-sante    HEALTH CLUSTER

Today we are witnessing a major change in the context in which healthcare professionals operate (fast-changing regulations, the emergence of telemedicine and digitalisation of services, an ageing population, a shift towards ambulatory care, home hospitalisation, etc.).

The Healthcare cluster, which has been present for many years in the hospital sector, has responded to this evolution with the multiplication of its partnerships and expanded its range of services to the healthcare sector.

Our training courses are recognised for their level of excellency and the expert quality of the speakers.

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 icon-droitLEGAL CLUSTER  

Under the pressure of client requirements and in the face of development, particularly of LegalTech, firms must learn to differentiate themselves in order to be able to attract clients. The quality of the services and a refocusing on client needs have thus become crucial.

Relying on focus groups with representative local firms, the Legal Cluster has been able to identify training needs. As a result, we are developing a prospective training offer corresponding to the needs identified. University professors, the Law Clinic and external experts are a source of a variety enriching viewpoints and complementary expertise, offering a unique positioning to our training courses.

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 icon-finance   FINANCE CLUSTER

In order to position Luxembourg as a centre of excellence, the development of skills through continuous training is a necessity.

The objective of the Finance Cluster is to become a centre of excellence for training to support the financial place in the development of sustainable finance in Luxembourg.

We are focused on the implementation of a university certificate on investment in art offered to international experts. Other training courses on highly targeted subjects, notably in relation to FinTechs and risk management, are being developed and proposed. Thanks to the precious collaborations and partnerships with players in the sector, each of them is very well received.

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In addition to the traditional training courses, the Competence Centre now disposes of the skills, tools and infrastructure to design, produce and distribute original and varied e-learning content, be it for purely online or blended training on its own learning platform.

The Digital Learning & ICT Cluster also offers training courses for professionals as well as teachers, researchers and university students, in collaboration with the Cisco Networking Academy and NVIDIA. In parallel, the cluster also designs MOOCs, thus asserting a positioning focused on digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

We are developing a lifelong education offer that is both original and innovative in the fields of adult education and ICT.

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Building upon a large experience in the development and organization of lifelong training activities for adults, the University Training Cluster establishes itself as a strategic partner for the University of Luxembourg. This new partnership is growing and, in joining our forces, we are striving to make the University as well as the Competence Centre acknowledged references in matters of adult education by proposing innovative programmes with added value topics, uniquely adapted to the societal needs. Moreover, the Cluster is assisting the University’s objective to constantly assure excellency by developing internal tailor-made training programmes.

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The Bachelors Cluster is responsible for the general organisation of the Bachelor in Animation and the Bachelor in Accounting and Taxation.

Initially, these 2 bachelors were designed to enable BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) students to continue their studies and obtain a Bachelor’s degree. However, in order to open these study programmes to other candidates, a new curriculum is currently being developed. The idea being that in the future, other baccalaureate holders, based on BTS courses, will be added and thus complete the offer of our cluster.

The Bachelor Cluster has graduated its first class of students in accounting and finance. The partnerships with The School of Business and Management and the Lycée des Arts et Métiers are the source of an active and fruitful collaboration that enables us to offer unique training courses adapted to employability on the Luxembourg labour market.

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icon-lifelongNext to our clusters, we also have a SUPPORTING team:

  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Communication

This cross-functional team is essential for the Competence Centre’s operational efficiency.

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