Innovative pedagogical engineering

In the context of digital transformation, companies’ expectations regarding training are growing. The need for professionals to understand the scope, the issues and the challenges of training is increasing rapidly, with a renewed focus on the acquisition of hands-on experience in addition to theoretical knowledge.

To meet these challenges, the Competence Centre teams have implemented skill development strategies that provide a good balance of academic and professional knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Our organisation and methods have been reviewed and adapted to respond ever more effectively to the pedagogical requirements of each type of training (face-to-face, distance learning, hybrid in individual modules, through dedicated courses or MOOCs). We adapt the format of all our courses with two main objectives in mind: quality and pedagogical efficiency. These reorganisations have made it possible to establish real synergies between our teams and a multitude of experts in various fields with whom we have already successfully collaborated.

The introduction and implementation of new tools for pedagogical design and digital production, for managing relations with our partners and clients, for monitoring the quality of our deliverables, for institutional communication, as well as for the constant optimisation of our internal technical environment, enable us to better meet the demand.

This technological restructuration allows us to:

  • guarantee efficient management of all types of training (flexibility/modularity),
  • handle the growth in the number and volume of learners in our learning systems (scalability),
  • support new types of programmes such as micro-qualifications or digital badges (evolution),
  • optimise aspects related to the integrity of the IT architecture dedicated to training (security) and professional administration, organise back-ups and technical redundancy of the ecosystem deployed in this way in the event of network problems (maintainability and availability).

Every project in which we are involved is an opportunity to reaffirm the excellence of our multidisciplinary team in many areas such as the concrete knowledge of the national and European economic and professional contexts, tailor-made pedagogical engineering or the deployment of complex digital learning architectures.