CLP : Advanced Programming in C

CLP : Advanced Programming in C

  • Dates: TBD
  • Fees: 600
  • Location: Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (2 – 4 rue Pierre Hentges, L-1726 Luxembourg)
  • Target Audience: This seminar is aimed to candidates who wants to develop the basics common to all programming languages. They learn to consider and reflect on programming concepts in depth.

Learning Objectives

This seminar provides advanced concepts in C. It familiarizes the participants with techniques used by compilers and runtime environments to handle argument passing and assigning arguments to function’s parameters including issues connected to stack usage, stack frame role, different calling conventions and their presence in the C language as well as recursion and returning function’s result.


  • Evolution of C from past to eternity ;
  • Handling variable number of parameters ;
  • Low-level I/O ;
  • Memory and strings ;
  • Processes and threads ;
  • Floats and ints once again ;
  • Network sockets – the absolute basics ;
  • Miscellaneous.

The course is aligned with the CPP – C Certified Professional Programmer certification.


Organised by Competence Center
Jaruwan MESIT, Ph.D. Project Manager
+352 26 15 92 42 |

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The following courses will also be available @ the Chambre des salariés via seminars:Cisco Networking Academy


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